Special Twain Lecture Event Featuring Jordan Klepper Tonight For Free

The St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s Mark Twain Lecture Series Presents Laughing to the Polls with Jordan Klepper

October 13, 2020 @ 7:30 p.m. (Virtual Event) FREE

Jordan Klepper is currently covering the 2020 Presidential Election for “The Daily Show” in his recurring “Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse” segments.

He is the creator and star of the Comedy Central docu-series, “Klepper”. The show has been called “a fresh, powerful interpretation of news” (Detroit Free Press) that brings Klepper to “new comedic heights” (Vanity Fair). He was formerly host and executive producer of the weeknight Comedy Central talk show, “The Opposition with Jordan Klepper.”

St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s Mark Twain Lecture Series on American Humor and Culture was launched in 2007. Since then the series has grown to one of the largest events in Southern Maryland.

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The St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s Twain Lecture Series consists of a primary annual lecture in the spring and additional smaller events that usually take place in the fall. These additional events include “Laughing to the Polls,” “Music & Truth,” and talks by Twain scholars. Some of these events are one-time guest lectures, but we hope to make others regular fixtures of the Series.