MARK TWAIN FORUM BOOK REVIEWS: “Mark Twain’s 10 Lessons For A Healthy Democracy: Keeping The Republic” by Donald Tiffany Bliss

“Twain’s commentaries on events of his day apply to the present, and Bliss weaves them into a very readable and coherent narrative consistent with Twain’s social and political philosophy.”

MARK TWAIN FORUM BOOK REVIEWS: “Mark Twain at The Gallows: Crime and Justice in His Western Writing” by Jarrod D. Roark

Kevin Mac Donnell reviews a new book which focuses on Twain’s time in West

Mark Twain Forum Reviews: Mark Twain’s Literary Resources: A Reconstruction of His Library and Reading (Volume 1) by Alan Gribben

Kevin Mac Donnell’s review of an important resource tool for Twain scholars