Unlearning Racism: What Roles Can Works By Mark Twain Play in An Anti-Racist Pedagogy?

A wonderful essay by Shelley Fisher Fishkin originally published in the Japanese literary journal, Mark Twain Studies.

Teaching Mark Twain’s “The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg”

Jocelyn’s Slides The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg (Harpers, December 1899) Example Writing Prompts (Possibly Apocryphal) Hadleyburgs Fredonia, NY Oberlin, OH Adaptations Graphic Novel by Wander Antunes (Simon & Schuster, November 2023) The Small Town by Xu Xinhua (Jiangsua Huai Opera Company, 2016) Audiobook (Blackstone, 2004) TV Movie by Mark Harris (PBS, 1980) Radio Play by Sam Dann (CBS Radio Mystery Theater, 1976) “The Man Who Demoralized Hadleyburg” by Zkislaw Skowronski […]

A Short Film About Mark Twain’s Anti-Imperialism Finalist For Indiana History Day Contest

A short documentary about Mark Twain’s anti-imperialism created by two Culver Academies students for National History Day Contest.