BookTube, BookTok, Wattpad, & Audible Creation Exchange (Criticism LTD, Episode #10)

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What is literary knowledge? And, for that matter, what is literature? A survey of new literary media takes on audiobooks [5:00], BookTube and BookTok [26:00], and Wattpad [75:00].

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Sarah Brouillette is Professor of English at Carleton University and the author of Literature & The Creative Economy (Stanford UP, 2014), UNESCO & The Fate of The Literary (Stanford UP, 2019), Underdevelopment & African Literature (Cambridge, 2020), and “Wattpad’s Fictions of Care.”

Laura B. McGrath is Assistant Professor of English at Temple University, co-founder of the Post45 Data Collective, co-editor of the Culture Industries Section at Public Books, and co-author of “The Work of The Audiobook.”

Mark McGurl is the Albert Guérard Professor of Literature at Stanford University and the author of Everything & Less (Verso, 2021) and The Program Era (Harvard UP, 2009)

Christopher Newfield is Director of Research at the Independent Social Research Foundation in London. He was formerly Distinguished Professor of English at UC-Santa Barbara and President of the Modern Language Association. He’s the author (or co-author) of numerous books in Critical University Studies, most recently The Great Mistake (Johns Hopkins UP, 2018) and Metrics That Matter (Johns Hopkins UP, 2023).

Matt Seybold is Associate Professor of American Literature & Mark Twain Studies at Elmira College, resident scholar at the Center For Mark Twain Studies, and executive producer of The American Vandal PodcastHe’s also co-editor (with Michelle Chihara) of The Routledge Companion to Literature & Economics (2018).


The American Vandal Podcast is delighted that Joe Locke and Circle 9 Records have given us permission to use Locke’s new album, Makramas the soundtrack to the “Criticism LTD” series. Locke’s quartet features Lorin Cohen on bass, Jim Ridl on keys, and Samvel Sarkisyan on drums, as well as Locke on vibes.

Tracks featured in this episode include Locke’s original compositions “Song For Vic Juris,” “Makram,” “Tushkin,” and “Raise Heaven (For Roy).”

And his arrangements of Cole Porter’s “Love For Sale.”

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