Hartford Announces Trouble Begins Lecture

Wednesday, September 1 at 5:30pm EDT

The Trouble Begins at 5:30: “Never Be in a Hurry to Believe: Did Joseph Twichell Save Huck Finn from Hell?” with Dwayne Eutsey

Our popular Twainian series returns! This lecture is derived from the book Dwayne Eutsey is writing on Mark Twain and the liberal religious ethos of his times. Nineteenth-century religious liberalism is an important yet largely overlooked influence on Twain’s life and body of work. Eutsey’s book traces the creative impact of religious liberal movements on Twain throughout his life: from his youth in Hannibal, through the peak years of his literary career, and even into the “dark writings” of his final decade. Dwayne’s lecture focuses on two sermons Joseph Twichell preached in 1876 at Hartford’s Asylum Hill Congregational Church and the positive theological influence they had on Twain as he began to write Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. FREE Virtual Event! LEARN MORE AND REGISTER HERE.

The Trouble Begins at 5:30 series is supported by the Center for Mark Twain Studies.