CFP: “Forgotten Spaces: Southern Literature, Ecocriticism, and the Commons” Panel at The 2023 ASLE + AESS Conference (July 9-12, 2023)

CFP deadline is December 10, 2023

The Plausible End of Social Media, Downscaling, & The Latent Celebrity Mindset with Ian Bogost

New episode of The American Vandal Podcast inspired by Ian Bogost’s editorial in The Atlantic on “The Age of Social Media is Ending.”

The Collapse of Twitter, Zombie Cyberlibertarianism, & Commercial Content Moderation with Sarah T. Roberts

With the end of Twitter seemingly imminent, content moderation and social media expert, Sarah T. Roberts, discusses Elon Musk’s ideology, the labor of social media, and the migration to Mastodon.

The Dance of The Cash Dragons with Aaron Bady, Michelle Chihara, & Sarah Mesle

Co-authors from Los Angeles Review of Books “Dear Television” section, Aaron Bady & Sarah Mesle join Michelle Chihara & Matt Seybold to discuss HBO’s “House of The Dragons” and much more in the season finale of “HBO: From Pulp To Prestige.”

Industry Cringe & Reproductive Horror with Johanna Isaacson & Madeline Lane-McKinley

A ranging conversation inspired by two forthcoming books about genre, work, & visual culture. The authors consider HBO series like “The Baby,” “Barry,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and “The Larry Sanders Show.”

A Lecture on Twain’s Friendship with Henry Morton Stanley Concludes the 2022 Trouble Begins Series

Judith Yaross Lee (Ohio University) will discuss Mark Twain’s visit to England in 1872 and his friendship with the famous explorer