The Collapse of Twitter, Zombie Cyberlibertarianism, & Commercial Content Moderation with Sarah T. Roberts

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The collapse of Twitter seems imminent. For good or ill, the social media platform has become standard, if not essential, to many professions, including academia. Its collapse is also ominous, one of several indicators of a seismic shift in global media. Matt Seybold will be examining these contexts in a three-part podcast series, “Social Problems,” beginning with this episode, in which he sits down with a content moderation expert to discuss Twitter’s unraveling under Elon Musk and it’s potential replacement, Mastodon, among other things.

Sarah T. Roberts is Associate Professor of Information Studies at UCLA, where she also holds an appointment in Gender Studies. Her first book, Behind The Screen: Content Moderation in The Shadows of Social Media (Yale UP, 2019), established her as the leading scholar on commercial content moderation (CCM).

Matt Seybold is Associate Professor of American Literature & Mark Twain Studies at Elmira College, as well as resident scholar at the Center For Mark Twain Studies, and Founding Director of EC’s Media Studies, Communication, & Design major. He has been primary host and executive producer of The American Vandal Podcast since its launch in October 2020.

The theme song for this series is “Social” by the ’90s punk band, Squirtgun, permissions generously granted by Mass Giorgini. Check out Squirtgun’s back catalog at Apple Music or Spotify.

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