CFP: Special Issue of Mark Twain Annual & 2019 Quarry Farm Symposium – “Mark Twain & the Natural World”

CALL FOR PAPERS SPECIAL ISSUE: MARK TWAIN AND THE NATURAL WORLD   The Mark Twain Annual is seeking article-length submissions that examine aspects of Twain’s work that comment on the relation between human beings and the natural world. This broad scope allows for critical examinations of Twain’s writing about the natural world in any number of ways: as nature writing; as a form of environmentalism; as commentary on animal welfare, […]

Join (or Renew) Your Membership in the Mark Twain Circle of America

One hundred and fifty years ago, a wise man said:    …nothing pleases a child so much as to be a member of something or other. Your rightly-constituted child don’t care shucks what it is, either. -Mark Twain, Letter to the San Francisco Alta California, May 20, 1867; published July 7, 1867. However, you don’t have to be a child to see the merits of membership in the Mark Twain Circle. […]

Mark Twain’s “The War Prayer” Excites 21st-Century Artists & Activists

In the recently published 2017 issue of Mark Twain Annual, Susan L. Eastman of University of Tennessee – Chattanooga discusses the distinctly contemporary resonances of a short story, “The War Prayer,” which was not published until thirteen years after the death of its author. Twain’s incisive posthumous indictment of imperial militarism, as Eastman puts it, “buoys the anti-war movement in the twenty-first century,” having been adapted and analyzed “in media beyond Twain’s […]

2015 Mark Twain Annual

The most recent issue of the Mark Twain Annual, the official publication of The Mark Twain Circle of America, is dense with connections to Elmira College. At the center of the issue is a special section, “Reflections: Life at Quarry Farm Today,” featuring three short essays by former Quarry Farm Fellows, recounting their experiences as guests of the Center for Mark Twain Studies, and another, by caretaker Steve Webb, addressing […]