Jon Clinch, Keynote Speaker at Mark Twain & Youth Symposium, Challenges Twain Scholars

Jon Clinch, pictured above with symposium co-organizer Kent Rasmussen, challenged the audience for his keynote address on Friday, October 7th to seek the unspoken questions in Mark Twain’s works. Clinch specifically described one such question, the one that inspired his acclaimed 2007 novel, Finn. That question, which he described as “so obvious it is easily forgotten,” is, “Who is Huckleberry Finn’s mother?” From this question, and from the mysterious circumstances in […]

Mark Twain & Youth: A Weekend Symposium

Please join the staff of the Elmira College Center for Mark Twain Studies for an intimate gathering of Twain scholars in the picturesque setting of Quarry Farm. In a letter to William Dean Howells in the fall of 1876, Samuel Clemens wrote, “The Farm is perfectly delightful this season. It is quiet and peaceful as a South Sea Island. Some of the sunsets which we have witnessed from this commanding […]