Mark Twain Circle Announces 2022 MLA Presentations

The Mark Twain Circle of America has announced its lectures at the 2022 MLA conference, scheduled for January 6-9, in Washington, D.C. 

“Mark Twain: Emerging and Diverging Approaches” 

  • Joseph Darda,  “A Connecticut Yankee on King Arthur’s Diamond: Mark Twain, Baseball, and the Making of a White Reunion”
  • Avery Blankenship, “Twain in Circulation: The Reprinting of Mark Twain in Nineteenth-Century Newspapers”
  • Hsuan Hsu, “Twain’s Olfactory Gags”

About the Mark Twain Circle of America – The Mark Twain Circle of America was founded on December 28, 1986 by Twain scholars Louis J. Budd, Everett Emerson, Howard Baetzhold, Alison Ensor, Stanley Brodwin, and Alan Gribben, among others.  Its mission was to further the study of Samuel L. Clemens’s work, life, and times.  Beginning within the confines of academia, over the years the Circle’s membership has broadened to include teachers and enthusiasts from all walks of life and many parts of the world. As we have grown both within and beyond the academy, our vision has also expanded.  Today we welcome participants interested in Twain’s works and life across temporal and disciplinary spectrums.  Our purpose is to foster awareness of the continuing relevance of this gifted, versatile, writer and thinker to the life of the United States and to the world.