Portrait of Jervis Langdon

Photograph of a portrait painted of Jervis Langdon (Sr.) by Thomas LeClear. Jervis Langdon was the father of Olivia Langdon Clemens and father-in-law to Samuel Clemens.

1909, Mark Twain, white suit.

Samuel Clemens in white suit seated in front of a backdrop, ca 1909. Probably taken at Stormfield, Clemens’ last home near Redding Connecticut.

Portrait of Langdon Clemens

Portrait of Langdon Clemens in baby carriage. Langdon was born in 1870 in Buffalo New York and died 19 months later in 1872 in Hartford Connecticut. Death was attributed to diphtheria.

1871, Mark Twain

Photo taken in 1871 on a lobbying trip to Washington D.C. On the right is David Gray, editor of the Buffalo Courier. On the left is journalist George Alfred Townsend. Clemens was living and working in Buffalo at the time.

1869, Mark Twain

Portrait of Samuel Clemens from the period in which he was courting Olivia Langdon of Elmira.

Clemens Friends and Servants, Darius Ford1

Photo of Darius Ford, Professor of Physical Science at Elmira College from 1862 to 1905. Ford tutored Olivia Langdon in 1867 and attempted a collaboration with Samuel Clemens in a series of travel writing for the Buffalo Express during Clemens’ time there in 1869-70.

Elmira College Register, 1859, Olivia

Page from the Miscellaneous Register of Elmira Female College, 1857 – 1862 showing Olivia Langdon, age 13, enrolled as a member of the preparatory class, 1st Term 1859.