Decommodified Labor, Selling Out, & Other Compromises of The Great Resignation with Leigh Claire La Berge & Rachel Greenwald Smith

New episode of The American Vandal Podcast focuses on The Great Resignation and other labor movements.

Bootstrapping Across Dystopia: Autofiction, Autotheory, Autoeverything with Merve Emre & Anna Kornbluh

A conversation about the personal essay boom, memoir, social media, the style of “too late capitalism,” and other self-indulgences with two decorated literary critics and theorists.

“Are We All Porn Workers Now?”: Gigwork & Radical Flexibility with Heather Berg & Michelle Chihara

A ranging conversation about platform capitalism from the perspective of gigworkers.

A Hedge Fund With A Drone Fleet: EdWork in 2022 with Annie McClanahan & Asheesh Kapur Siddique (An American Vandal Podcast Season Premiere)

“The World’s Work,” a new season of The American Vandal Podcast, kicks off with discussion of the labor of Higher Education.

A Chair On The Chair with Karen Tongson

Apple | Spotify | Google | Stitcher | TuneIn | CastBox | ListenNotes Last week Netflix released an original series, The Chair, starring Sandra Oh, and created by Amanda Peet and Annie Julia Wyman. The show tracks the personal and professional life of Ji-Yoon Kim, during her first semester as Chair of the English Department at fictional Pembroke University. Over the next few episodes of The American Vandal Podcast, we’ll be featuring conversations not only about the show itself, as a cultural […]

The Invisible Home of Frederick Douglass, John W. Jones, & Mark Twain with Jill Spivey Caddell & Shirley Samuels

Special Emancipation Week Episode of The American Vandal Podcast!

Why Trust in Antitrust? with Sanjukta Paul & Marshall Steinbaum

Final episode of second season of The American Vandal Podcast focuses on antitrust in Mark Twain’s Gilded Age and our own.