Antiracism In The Contemporary University with Amanda Bailey, Tita Chico, & Emily Yoon Perez

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Last year, the Center For Literary & Comparative Studies at the University Of Maryland launched a new project, Antiracism In The Contemporary University, a series of events and publications which explicitly sought a reckoning with the “racists past” of the university and the communities in which it is embedded.

In this episode of The American Vandal Podcast, Matt Seybold speaks with three scholars involved in the project about antiracism, as well as the Netflix original series, The Chair, in which the current state of the contemporary university (and its racist past) is dramatized.

Many events in UMD’s Antiracism series have been archived on their YouTube Channel. And more are upcoming and open to the public!

Tita Chico is Faculty Director of The Center For Literary & Comparative Studies, as well as a Professor of English at University of Maryland. Her introduction to the symposium at Los Angeles Review of Books articulates the project’s mission.

Amanda Bailey is Professor and Chair of the Department of English at University of Maryland. She also recently authored a review of The Chair for Inside Higher Ed

Emily Yoon Perez is Assistant Professor of English at University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Her essay, “Little Intimacies & Antiracism: Theory & Practice” is part of the special series at Los Angeles Review of Books.

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