The Mark Twain Archive

The Center for Mark Twain Studies offers Quarry Farm Fellows and visiting scholars a number of research options.


The Elmira College Mark Twain Archive

The Archive, in conjunction with the Center for Mark Twain Studies, affords scholars the uniquely rewarding experience of ready access to a collection of primary and secondary materials on Twain as well as the opportunity to live and work in the same home, Quarry Farm, where Twain spent some of his most productive summers in the 1870s and 1880s.

In addition to various editions of Twain’s work, the collection includes photographs, books from Twain’s library and the library at Quarry Farm, books and articles written about him, and microfilms of letters and manuscripts from the Mark Twain collections at the Bancroft Library in Berkeley, the Mark Twain Memorial in Hartford, Vassar College and the Huntington Library. Through the generosity of friends over the years, the collection has also acquired a fine collection of Mark Twain titles in languages other than English, the Love Collection of framed photographs and autographs, correspondence between Twain and members of his Elmira circle such as E.M. VanAken, Dr. Frank Darby and Julia Jones Beecher, letters written by Twain at the end of his life and other photographs and memorabilia that add greatly to the scope and interest of the collection.

The Mark Twain Room in Elmira College’s Gannett-Tripp Library
The Mark Twain Archive, located on the second floor of the Gannett-Tripp Library, houses the collection of Mark Twain materials belonging to Elmira College.Rich woodwork, period furnishings and marble accents create a setting reflective of the significance of the collection and offer a quiet, comfortable work area for Mark Twain researchers. The ceiling panels and the relief above the mantle are from Klapproth’s Tavern, which Twain was known to frequent during his summers in Elmira.Access to the Mark Twain Archive is by appointment only.The Mark Twain Archive is available to anyone with a research need that can be served by the collections. The Archive exists primarily to serve the needs of researchers but, with sufficient notice, it is sometimes possible to arrange for a tour for small classes or for visitors with a legitimate interest in the collection.

Mark Twain Archive Policies:

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If you have additional questions, please contact:
Nathaniel Ball
Gannett-Tripp Library
Elmira College
One Park Place
Elmira, NY 14901
(607) 735-1869
FAX (607) 735-1712
[email protected]

Cornell University Library

The Cornell University Library offers Quarry Farm Fellows and visiting scholars access to the world-class collections and services of a large academic library. Located in nearby Ithaca (just 35 miles from Elmira), the 18 libraries and units that comprise the Cornell University Library provide access to over 8 million books, hundreds of databases, and thousands of journals to researchers who come over and work in our libraries.Visitors may access restricted bibliographic databases inside the library at any Cornell library public computer terminal, but due to licensing restrictions, these databases are not accessible by non-Cornell users outside of the libraries. Visitors may also use their laptops or mobile devices to access the Internet by registering for guest network access.
For more information about visiting the Cornell University Library:
The Carl A. Kroch Library on the Cornell University Campus
The Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, located in the Carl A. Kroch Library, is Cornell’s principal repository of rare books, manuscripts and archival materials in the fields of history, literature, music, the arts, science, natural history, and technology. Our Mark Twain collections include first edition copies of many of his books, archival collections relating to the Clemens, Langdon, and Beecher families, and resources documenting the progressive history of upstate New York, including large collections on abolition, slavery, and women’s suffrage.

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In you have additional questions, please contact:
Lance Heidig
Outreach and Instruction Librarian
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections
2B Kroch Library
Ithaca, NY 14853-5301

The Chemung County Historical Society


The mission of the Chemung County Historical Society is to deepen our understanding of history and to provide an appreciation of Elmira’s and Chemung County’s place in state and national history.  They endeavor to be one of the the leading centers of community expertise on local history and preservation through innovation, education, and engagement. 

The Booth Library, located within the Chemung Valley History Museum, is the center for genealogy and historical research at the Chemung County Historical Society. It holds approximately 3,000 books, 30,000 manuscripts, 16,000 photographic images, and 11,000 maps and architectural drawings. It has been collecting and preserving resources on the Chemung Valley region since 1923.

Some of the holdings especially worth noting are:

  • Personal and family papers of Chemung Valley residents
  • Copies of government records, manuscript personal accounts, and published scholarship on the Elmira Prison Camp
  • Resources concerning Mark Twain’s life in Elmira, NY
  • Resources concerning the role of the Chemung valley in the US Civil War
  • Railroad, turnpike, and canal maps and records
  • Resources concerning the abolitionist movement and the Underground Railroad in the Chemung Valley region
  • Records of regional businesses
  • Records of various local clubs and political action groups
  • Resources concerning the Sullivan-Clinton campaign against the Iroquois during the American Revolution


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If you have any additional questions, please contact:
Rachel Dworkin
Chemung County Historical Society
415 E. Water Street
Elmira, NY 14901
(607) 734-4167, ext. 207